About Us

Founded in 1976, Micro-Processor Services (MPS) specializes in off-the-shelf software conversion tools to convert your legacy software source code to open, enterprise modern computer languages, systems and platforms. Our tools are used by a wide variety of customers from many industries worldwide.

We have a suite of software migration tools with a proprietary "triple conversion architecture" that allows us to translate and convert any programming language (POWER, PowerPC,PL/M, PLM, PLM51, PLM80, PLM86, PLM96, PLM186, PLM286, PLM386, PL/I, PLI, PL/1, PL1, COBOL, Pascal, Delphi, Fortran, EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage, Assembly, MSP430, MASM, RASM, TASM, ASM360, ASM370, ASM390, HLAL, ASM68K, ASM6800, ASM51, ASM86, ASM96, ASM196 with 223+ tools for the underlying dialects) to multiple modern target languages (including Assembly, "C", "C++", "C#", "Java", "J#", "XML" & VB.NET, NinjaScript)

For customer with large projects that want to use our expert team, we offer fixed price conversion and validation services using our tools. For those customers who prefer to keep the development in-house, maintain security and control over their proprietary applications, or to build resident migration expertise, we offer simple and easy-to-use software migration tools.

We design, develop, and implement custom software tools and customized software solutions for mission-critical systems and real-time embedded applications, such as compilers, source code translators, cross-compilers, file converters, data converters (data conversion services), document converters, and QA testing.