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Translation Studio®

General Product Description

Our Translation Studio® is a Microsoft Windows program that the Translation Studio allows automation of most translation tasks in the Microsoft Windows environment. It allows translation of source code samples with different translators engines in order to determine which translator version or dialect provides the optimal translation for the specific source code sample. ).

Simple Translation Process

1. Select Translator family using the "Select Translator Family" button.
2. Using "Select Translator" drop down menu to select specific translator or check all the translators you need using the "Select Translator" Window.
3. Select translated files extension using the "Select Files Extension" drop down menu.
4. Add all the files to be translated to Translation studio using the "Add Files to Translate" button.
5. Use the "Translate with Selected" button to start the translation process or "Translate with Checked" button if multiple translators are used.
6. Done.

Translation Tasks Supported

  • Standard source code file translation
  • Include (copy) file translation
  • Embedded include (copy) file translation
  • Translation of source code sample with multiple translators for evaluation
  • Translation of multiple files with few key selections
  • Translation of one file by multiple translators for evaluation and verification
  • Translation of multiple files by multiple translators
  • Debugging front end errors
  • Debugging back end errors
  • Technical Description

    The Translation Studio is a Microsoft Windows tool that enables automation of most translation tasks. The Program will help you with the following tasks:
  • Selecting which translator or translators to activate
  • Selecting which file or files to translate
  • Supporting translation of include (copy) files in the embedded mode.
  • Supporting translation of include files in the modified mode
  • The Translator Family Selector

    The Translator Family Selector allows selection from among the following translator families:

    1. ASM68K Translators
    2. ASM68xx Translators
    3. ATML AVR Translators
    4. Borland Translators
    5. COBOL Translators
    6. Easy Language Translators
    7. Fortran Translators
    8. IBM ASSEMBLER Translators
    9. Intel Translators
    10. Microchip Translators
    11. Microsoft Translators
    12. Pascal Translators
    13. PL/I Translators
    14. PL/M Translators
    15. Select Translators
    16. Zilog translators

    The Translator Selector

    The Translator Selector allows selection of any translator
    There are two modes of selection:
    1. Selected
    2. Checked
      1. The Source Code Selector

      2. Extension selection
      3. Source code selection

      The Translator Output Windows

      1. Source file
      2. Listing file
      3. Translated file

      Translation Studio Tool Pricing

      The Translation Studio it is free with purchase of any translator.

      Translation and Verification Services

      To the extent that you want to outsource part of your translation process, MPS can provide you with translation and verification services. Our most recent pricing information for translation and verification services can be found here. However, if you would prefer to outsource your entire translation process, the use of one of our translators by your IT consultant can save you significant time and money in relation to manual translation. IT consultants purchase a number of our tools on behalf of their clients, and we are happy to work with them to get you the best translation results possible.

      The MPS Advantage

      Use of MPS' automated translation tools can help you save time and money and reduce error rates relative to manual translation. It also allows you to maintain complete security and control over your applications by keeping the translation process in-house. In addition, we fully guarantee our translation tools so that if, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with the output of the tool you purchased, we will credit the full value of the purchase price towards our translation and verification services to get you the results you need.

      About Micro-Processor Services

      MPS is a known and trusted provider that has has been providing legacy software translation tools and consulting since 1976. We service only those companies that have the most exacting requirements for security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including various U.S. government agencies, the military, all of the leading aerospace and defense contractors, and hundreds of publicly-traded technology, telecommunications, industrial and manufacturing companies (please see our extended customer list). In addition, many of our biggest clients are IT consultants who purchase our tools on behalf of their clients. For more information please refer to our website or contact us.