Free Proof of Concept (POC) Translation Conversion Test

Free proof of concept testing consists of conversion of your source code to the specified target language by our migration specialists using one of our standard software converter tools. It is recommended that the sample file be in one source file and not exceed 1000 lines and be accompanied by all of the "include" files required for the translation. All sample files must be in zipped format.

If the file exceeds 1,000 lines, don't worry; you can send it anyway, and we will convert only the first 1,000 lines. Please note that only the main file will be converted. Upon request, our experts can give you an assessment of how easily your code can be verified.

If you need to translate a file larger than 1000 lines for proof of concept, please order translation service and you get the first 1000 lines free.

If you have the manual of your legacy source code language it will help us select the correct translator for your source code.
This is especially helpful with compiler/assembler directives that are different form one compiler/assembler to another.
We will find the discrepancies and customize the translator so you will have the optimized translation.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for our email address. Please specify the source language and dialect (if known) and the desired target language (i.e., C, C++, C#, J#, Structured Text(ST), JAVA or other traget), and send all sample files in zipped format.

* Security or Confidentiality Concerns*

If your source code is of a sensitive nature due to security or confidentially requirements, you can send your code to us by encrypting it with PGP encryption. Upon request, we can send you our PGP public key. You can then encrypt your code and send us your code with your public key. This way your code will be secure while traversing the Internet. If a more secure method is necessary, it can be done by encrypting a CD and sending it via a courier. If you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, please email us your standard form.