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New Products

  • (2/17/2014) Translation Studio® version 3.0- a Microsoft Windows interface and automation tool for source code translation.

  • New Versions





    11/21/2006 Cobol to XML Version 1.0 Release
    2/9/2008 PL/I to .NET tools   Feature upgrade
    3/28/2008 PowerPC Version 1.0 Service release
    4/23/2008 ASM370C   Feature upgrade
    4/24/2008 ASM51C Version 1.0 Service release
    5/12/2008 PL/I to C ,C++ Version 3.0 released 26 Issue corrections
    3/4/2010 Update all tools to Windows    
    4/1/2011 Translation Studio® Version 1.0  
    9/22/2011 HLASM390C Version 1.5 Release
    9/24/2011 Translation Studio® update Version 2.0 Update
    4/14/2012 Cob2c Version 3.1 release 35 Customer update
    3/19/2013 PL/I to Java Version 3.0 released 36 Update
    2/17/2014 Translation Studio® update Version 3.0 Release
    7/14/2014 MASM2 to C Version 3.1 release 1 Customer update
    7/16/2014 ASM390 to C Version 1.5 release 24 Update
    7/18/2014 Cob2c Version 3.1 release 36 Customer update
    7/18/2014 Pas2c Version 3.3 released 37 Update add MVS Pascal

    Case Studies

  • GE Transportation case study ASM370
    GE Transportation wanted to migrate one of their mainframe IBM ASM 370 programs. They selected our IBM ASM 370 to C translator tool
  • RicheBrite consulting case study PL/I
    Richbright Consulting in South Korea needed to migrate a large insurance application written In PL/I full set to C. They selected our PL/I to C Translator
  • Raytheon case study
    When Raytheon had an Intel ASM86 application to convert, they used our migration and validation services
  • US Navy case study
    When the U.S. Navy had to convert a large PL/M 86 legacy application to C , it chose our PL/M converter tool

  • White Papers

  • Why Convert from ASM to C? (PDF)
  • Why Convert COBOL Program to XML ? (PDF)
  • Using The Translator in Visual Studio Environments (PDF)
  • When and why to use modern automatic conversion tools (PDF)
    (Coming Soon)
  • Using The Translator to convert Include(Copy) files
  • Converting from COBOL to VB.NET
  • Converting from COBOL to C#.NET